Automated Word of Mouth™

For all your customers. Enables everyone to offer referrals, so you don't wear out your brand advocates.

SharedGain provides a social marketing solution enabling measurable customer growth.

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Automated Word of Mouth Campaigns and Promotions with Metrics


Gain new qualified prospects and efficiently convert them to customers.

Metrics for ROI sales results directly attributable to your investment.

Reward your loyal and satisfied customers.

With little effort you will have a productive and economical SaaS cloud implementation automatically generating new business.

Social Network Enabling technologies such as Web, widgets, mobile apps, email, texting, social media, and Internet TV.

Referral marketing packages are available. SharedGain's TriBaton referral service is a performance fee-based marketing program.


Advocates, evangelists, early adopters, tastemakers, loyal customers, brand champions, peer-influencers, and promoters. They're your biggest fans and valuable assets. But they are being "over solicited" by the market place. SharedGain's methodology finds more of othem, works them less often with less intensity. This results in a more stable participation and increased sales.

SharedGain facilitates this process through a patented automated protocol, US Patent No. 7,774,229. The process activates the TriBaton™ personal recommendation engine, effectively generating trusted referrals with our user-written recommendation in social media.

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