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The TriBaton™ is a social media application that is
electronically passed from one person to another, much like
the relay runners’ baton passes from one runner to another.


The TriBaton™
SharedGain enables and motivates new customers in social networks and where friends and colleagues meet online. New customer sales are generated for our clients using our Automated Word of Mouth™.

We generate customers by leveraging natural social behavior including user-written commentary about brands and product/service recommendations. People will listen to their own trusted advisors, those friends and colleagues that have relevant domain expertise, hold shared preferences or values and therefore are trusted.

The TriBaton™ has three components: personal product or service recommendation, a special promotional offer to the new customer, and a soft reward or recognition to the recommending customer.

“User-written” recommendations are actually added-value, user-generated advertisements. The original friend-to-friend written recommendation then gains more credibility as it is passed from one person to another, compared to the recommendation written for public display. TriBaton friend authenticity is further validated by the metrics of person-to-person handoffs.

Batons contain recommendations. The current customers refer their friends to purchase the preferred brand and the new customers receive a special offer when the sale is recorded.

The SharedGain baton facilitates directed communication between the customer of a product and a prospect. SharedGain interacts directly with consumers with reward batons.

We are a media-delivery platform. We transfer batons via email, widgets, mobile apps, IM, Web pages, texting, Internet TV and other media. The batons are not tied to any specific delivery mechanism. Transmedia storytelling and other consumer engagement methods are enabled with the TriBaton and CommunityGain.

Our vision is that SharedGain's CommunityGain™ becomes a powerful multi-category shopping tool wherever and whenever a person can quickly review new or previous product and service recommendations from their friends and colleagues. Natural word of mouth– conversations among friends about recommendations of products, services and merchandisers– are the most highly trusted messages and are relevant to a current interest. We can create the trusted answers in anticipation of product inquiries.

TriBatons are a vehicle for directed, personal communication to selected friends or colleagues about a common preference. The TriBaton communicates a user-generated recommendation and a promotional a promotional call-to-action offer, effectively an advertisement. The TriBaton is portable and has different attributes and degrees of content, from a simple certificate with implied recommendation to a full narrative with multiple recommendations and presentation of the referral reward.

Referral Service Package

  • Provide an account service manager.
  • Design of custom referral marketing campaign for your product .
  • Develop alternate media plans to initiate the potential viral nature of word-of-mouth.
  • Provide a selection of pre-designed look-and-feel pages.
  • Utilize SharedGain’s charity rewards program or a low-value product.
  • Build connection between ReferralGain system database and your web site.
  • Ongoing campaign monitoring, metrics and adjustment with a campaign dashboard.

Optional Services

  • Customized User Interface with Your Branding and Style -- Your ReferralGain site is built to match the look and feel of your Website and branding. This enables sales leads generated from your customized ReferralGain site to be transitioned to your landing page without apparent change.
  • Customized Transaction Interface to Support Your Business Methods -- A customized interface for exchanging data between your SharedGain referral site and your commercial site is developed to better support your business and distribution methods.
  • Alternate Rewards -- Rewards from other than our recommended charity reward catalog are sourced.
  • Targeted Landing Page-- A custom landing page for your commercial site is designed and enabled to increase the conversion rate of referral prospects.
  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns -- In-depth analysis of referral programs to facilitate complex campaigns with unusual characteristics, such as multiple vendors sites, coordinated marketing programs, multi-channel capabilities, printed and mail campaigns, special timings/schedules, and systems integration can be designed.


  • The Referral Service Package fee schedule is based on an initial campaign set-up fee plus a per lead or per sale performance-based fee, with a minimum monthly subscription fee.
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