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Enabling consumers to inquire and share product knowledge.

SharedGain® develops consumer software that is elegant and practical, wanted and designed to be massively popular.

The digital TriBaton™ flows across our suite of consumer-centered capabilities, providing an unparalleled meme for multi-channel and cross-media brand advocacy. The trustworthiness and user self-moderated communications attributes are designed to appeal to the large majority of users, not just the few who are incentivized by money, re-tweets, Facebook likes or a high Klout score. We intend to “create the product for everyone,” not a tool for paid advocates.

SharedGain has designed the first system that combines traditional refer-a-friend capabilities, a private friends’ recommendations database, a facility for product questions and answers among selected friends, and shopping that benefits charities. Like the multi-function Swiss Army Knife or ten-things-in one iPhone, our offering has the critical suite of functions and significant usability to initiate customer use, sustain recurrent consumer value, and become viral through friendships and trusted contacts.

US Patent No. 7,774,229.




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