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Automated WOM and Consumer Behavior
Studies and statistics support the fact that the most powerful behavior to influence sales comes through word-of-mouth from friends, family, associates, and colleagues with shared preferences and mutual trust. Potential customers believe that basing their purchase decision on word-of-mouth recommendation reduces the risk that they’ll later assess a purchase decision as a mistake. Automated word-of-mouth allows satisfied customers to refer others to reputable services and products and then receive an appropriate reward when the person they referred purchases.
(PDF, 5 pages, narrative, consumer feedback ©2008)

WOM Marketing Measures and Metrics
Compilation of relevant statistics regarding WOM--
74% of U.S. shoppers turn to word of mouth for advice from friends, neighbors, and colleagues for advice on their purchases. (Millward Brown, 2007)
Personal contacts are two times more convincing than company-led information. (Millward Brow, WOM Influence Study, 2005)
71% of respondents list "word-of-mouth" atop the influences that sway decisions. (The New York Times)
15% of the population consists of "Conversation Catalysts," who talk about 149 brands per week on average. On the whole, these Catalysts have more conversational stamina than the rest of the population, participating in 184 conversations per week. (The Keller Fay Group and IM MS&L, 2007)
(PDF, 5 pages, statistics ©2010)

Lifetime Network Value
Lifetime Network Value™ (LNV™) measures the customer’s traditional Lifetime Value (LV) and adds “NV”, the Network Value of the customer’s social network. Two significant factors discussed effect this new metric (1) the impact of loyalty programs trending down and (2) how Automated WOM is leveraged in the new age of social networks. LNV builds on Fred Reichheld’s NPS discussed in the Ultimate Question by turning customers claiming to be promoters into evangelists that produce measurable new customer sales.
(PDF, 8 pages, analysis ©2010)

SharedGain TriBaton Marketing Applications


  • Introduction
  • Word of Mouth & Influence
  • Social Media
  • Facebook and Online Social Networking Systems
  • Social Commerce
  • Coupons & Rewards
  • Social Shopping
  • Social CRM & Vendor Relationship Management (VRM)
  • Deal-of-the-Day
  • Mobile Apps
  • Location Based Services & Check-Ins
  • Scanning Product & Quick Response Codes
  • Emerging Technologies


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