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SharedGain’s Commitment to Consumers Who Use our Systems and Services

SharedGain is committed to your security. We will not sell, rent, trade, or give away your private information. Protecting your information is an important part of our business.

Your Private Information

Your private information, such as your e-mail address, name, (and if you are a current customer the charities you select), are never sold, rented, traded, or given away. Because SharedGain's business relies on the willingness of people to supply contact information for friends, relatives, and colleagues, we take seriously our reputation of fulfilling our privacy promises.


The information that we know about you is a name and e-mail address, and information that you provide while using the vendor sponsoring site. Certain rewards require additional information. For example, if you accept a reward, you might need to select from a list of options.

When you invite a person to do business with a SharedGain vendor-sponsored site, the name and e-mail address that you provide are also held securely and not shared. They are given to the vendor only when the person you invited accepts the offer. The vendor security policy is in effect for his use of that information. We believe the security policy is consistent with the SharedGain vendor-sponsored site.

When you compose a referral letter for your friend, we send that letter using your e-mail address. We do not send e-mail using your address except when you ask us to.


The information that we know about you is a name and e-mail address, and information that you provide while using the vendor-sponsored site operated by SharedGain. The SharedGain client that is sponsoring the vendor site for sending and receiving referral invitations will notify us when you purchase products or services.

We also make your name and e-mail address visible to the vendor sponsoring the site when you accept a preferred rate or discount. This is used to verify that you are eligible for the special savings. The vendor’s privacy policy controls their use of your information while on their site. We believe that this policy is consistent with SharedGain’s.


Protecting Privacy for Automated Word of Mouth

SharedGain provides individuals the opportunity to share information about interesting products and services with friends, family and colleagues. Promotional offerings are available so that the a sponsoring vendor provides rewards to current customers and gives preferred rates or discounts to new customers.

As a current customer you can help a friend learn about a product or service you like. SharedGain provides an automated service that produces a mutual benefit between yourself and your friend: The current customer can invite a friend to consider a product or service for which he or she is satisfied and believe that the friend would benefit from. When a purchase is made both of you benefit—the current customer helps a friend through the introductory invitation, and the friend discovers a new product or service through the invitation. Plus, the current customer receives a reward from the vendor in recognition of being an advocate, and the new customer receives special savings.

Reliable, trustworthy policies—SharedGain protects your privacy. SharedGain certifies that information is used solely to communicate recommendations and referrals among friends, family and colleagues. The sponsoring vendor only receives information about an invited customer when the individual expresses interest in contacting the vendor.


Information Provided to Vendor


If a person you refer takes advantage of the offer sent to them, their contact information including their name and e-mail address is made available to the vendor sponsoring the referral invitation site. Your identity as the person who referred them is not sent.


If you reserve a preferred rate or discount, some information such as your name and e-mail address are made available to the vendor sponsoring the site. The identity of the person who sent you the invitation is not reported.


Your Password Security

Only current customers have a password. If you have a password then you are responsible for the security of your password.

Choose a password that you will remember and that someone else is unlikely to guess. Choose a password that you will remember and that someone else is unlikely to guess. Avoid use of your first and last name. Your password should be at least 8 characters long; we recommend that it be longer. It should contain a mix of capital and small letters, digits, and special characters.

You should not write down your password, as someone might see it. You should never share your password with anyone.


Limited Information About You

For those invited by others, it is our intention to only collect the information about you needed to carry out this offer. In addition to your name (so that we can refer to you in communications) and e-mail (so that we can send you communications), we know whether you have made your first purchase, and who it was who referred you.


Limited Mailings to You

We limit the number and type of mailings sent from the vendor-sponsored site. We may send communications regarding this and other vendor-sponsored site offers, surveys about your interaction with vendor-sponsored site, and other communications.

We don't like receiving lots of junk mail, and we suspect that you don't either. We will respect this by limiting the number of communications that you receive from us. Current customers may request to receive only notifications about rewards. Those invited by others may request that further mailings not be sent.

Your choices in no way affect your communications with vendors using SharedGain services.



Government Regulations

The vendor-sponsored site complies with United States and California regulations regarding handling of personal data.

We will follow United States regulations in terms of holding and protecting personal information. If government laws require that information be released to them, we will need to comply.


If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or other standard practices, policies or processes, let us know by using the Contact Us page or by writing to:

Attention: Your California Privacy Rights
P. O. Box 60097
Palo Alto, CA 94306-0097


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